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Version: 3.0.1

Docusaurus 主题

我们提供官方 Docusaurus 主题。

We provide official Docusaurus themes.


主要主题实现了 docsblogpages 插件的用户界面。

The main themes implement the user interface for the docs, blog and pages plugins.



The goal is to have all themes share the exact same features, user-experience and configuration.

只需更改 UI 设计和底层样式框架,并且你应该能够轻松更改主题。

Only the UI design and underlying styling framework should change, and you should be able to change theme easily.

我们还没有到那一步: 只有经典主题已准备好生产。

We are not there yet: only the classic theme is production ready.



These themes will enhance the existing main themes with additional user-interface related features.